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If Xbox is made by Microsoft and the internals are virtually the same as a gaming PC, then why can't you install Windows on it?

Microsoft is designing its new software and operating systems to work as seamlessly together as possible, from a Windows-based tablet, PC, right through to their Xbox gaming console. But, the ultimate of convenience would be to have the ability to install Windows on Your Xbox.

However, if you try you're bound to fail, and here's why:

Microsoft has gone through a great deal to prevent Xbox users from installing Windows in their consoles for reasons such as to prevent gamers from cheating in games, modifying games as well as to prevent users from installing pirated games.

Microsoft prevents installations of Windows mainly by hardware tweaks, such as having an incompatible southbridge chip to render USB and network inputs incompatible with Windows by having a completely different filing structure. Unlike Windows that uses exFat and NTFS, the Xbox's filing structure uses FatX. Furthermore, the northbridge chip which is responsible for internal hardware such as cooling fans, temperature control and data processing, also runs off a completely incompatible system.

So, if someone really wants to install Windows on their Xbox, they probably can, but this will require the user to rewrite tens of thousands of lines of code on both Windows and for the Xbox, and if you somehow get that right, the Xbox Live servers won't work either!

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Tech Quicky, on Why Can't You Install Windows On An Xbox?

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