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Have you ever wondered why cartoon characters wear gloves?

It might just have been taken for granted, perhaps you never really noticed it, or simply thought it was a style of cartoon drawing, but the real answer is actually a lot more technical than that.

Cartoons have been around for quite some time, even before there was television. But cartoon designers and illustrators didn't just all agree that their beloved characters needed gloves one day, one of the reasons was simply to save time during the drawing process. Take Micky Mouse, for example. He was indeed a mouse, but giving the character mouse hands would first of all stray away from his human like characteristics and, secondly, the more detail would cost the illustrators valuable time.

Secondly, adding gloves to cartoon characters gave them a lot more contrast on black and white print, and especially in a black and white film. Since then, these trends have stuck. 2020 Micky Mouse, Pinocchio and even Goofy all have the same white gloves.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Vox, on why cartoon characters always wear gloves.

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