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We have all been there and experienced issues, whether it be your cellphone not responding, your gaming console not picking up your controller or even your PC not going beyond the boot screen. And, after countless attempts at solving this issue, you finally embrace your inner technician and try to reboot your device – and, for the most part, it usually works! But why exactly is that?

Well, as it happens, when a device reaches a technical issue it can't recover from, it is not programmed to reset itself. This is usually because it doesn't want to lose any of your unsaved data and therefore needs a physical input from you.

If you restart your device, you are giving the program and or software you are using, a second chance at attempting the right file structure path to recover from. A system reboot also resets any background multitasking activity that might have been operating, and limiting on the hardware of your device. Once reset, however, these are usually back to optimal bandwidth and processing power capabilities.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Tech Quickie, on Why Does Rebooting Fix So Many Issues?

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