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Have you ever wondered why Microsoft Windows' Start button is located at the bottom right of the display and not up at the top left like other operating systems such as Apple macOS?

We all know that nowadays anyone is able to change where their start menu and taskbar is located. You can make it pop out from either the bottom of the display, the left, right-hand side, or even from the top like Apple as well.

But by default, it is always at the bottom. During the development phase of Microsoft Windows 95, developers realised that most programs would start filling up the display with data from pixel area (0,0) which is the top left corner and fill it with essential display information, so Microsoft located the Start button and taskbar at the least most used area which was at the very bottom of the display.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Tech Quickie on Why Is The Start Menu Button Located At The Bottom Of The Display By Default?

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