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With the announcement of the PlayStation 5, why have the PlayStation 4 software sales spiked 83 percent?

The brand new PlayStation 5 was announced by Sony in June of 2020, and the anticipation is fantastic. With that said, the statistics will show that the console will sell incredibly well, however, the PlayStation 4 software sales have spiked immensely over the last month or so, but wouldn't gamers prefer to invest in the PlayStation 5 in a few months rather?

Well, the reasoning is rather simple, the statistics show that the large spike in sales has a lot to do with the global pandemic. People have a lot more time to kill at home and therefore spend their time gaming.

But, strangely, the gaming PC market has not shown as much as an increase as the consoles have. According to Lewis George Hilsenteger, the host of YouTube channels LaterClips and Unbox Therapy, the reason is that PC gamers are usually more "hardcore" and take gaming more seriously, so they already have their gaming PC's rigged out.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, LaterClips, as Lewis George Hilsenteger dives into why Sony PlayStation 4 sales have spiked 83 percent over the last few months.

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