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Here is why Samsung's transparent phone might fail soon after its release.

It is no secret that Samsung is working on developing a fully transparent smartphone, but will it be a success or is it bound to fail? We are leaning towards the latter.

Seven years ago, Samsung started registering patents for transparent screen technology – specifically for smartphones – and numerous leaks have suggested that the development is currently underway, although we are not sure in which stage the company is in with the transparent smartphone.

Transparent screens are not something purely out of science fiction either. There are already TV's and PC monitors that are completely and truly transparent on the market today. But what seems like a good idea on paper have already shown signs of causing more problems than being completely revolutionary.

The transparent TV screens and monitors have already shown that they are too revealing in terms of privacy, and lack in basic necessities such as contrast and true colour interpretation and depth, and we fear that the Samsung transparent smartphone will suffer the same fate.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Mr Who's The Boss, on Why The Samsung Transparent Phone Will Fail.

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