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Airships have been in flight since the 1850s and have been a rather noble form of flight for quite some time. However, when aeroplanes became a lot more accessible some 50 years later, airships took a bit of a knock in popularity, but they had a downside, and that was distance. Airships, on the other hand, could cover distances of over 10'000km.

But then towards the end of the 1930s, one of the biggest aircraft disasters of all time happened, that of the Hindenburg, which ultimately resulted in the retirement of all airships.

It is no secret that air travel today is our main source of international travel, but it comes at a cost, that of CO2 emissions and it is expected to rise by 400% by 2050 which directly translates into 25% of the global CO2 "budget", and something has to be done as this is unacceptable.

Many short-distance flights have already been phased out as a result, with airlines buying busses instead to reduce their carbon emissions tax.

However, the other solution is the return of the airship idea, as they have no emissions at all! And it's not such a ridiculous idea as modern airship concepts are nothing like they used to be back in the 1930s, instead, they are rather luxurious looking, completely quiet and stable.

There are actually companies spending millions of dollars into the research and developments of airship prototypes as we speak to not only see if the idea would work but rather how they can get them off the ground...so to speak.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Undecided With Matt Ferrell on Why The Airship May Be The Future Of Air Travel...

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