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Building a 20-year-old Windows 98 gaming PC with "new" unused parts.

In June of 1998, Microsoft released their brand new operating system which, to this day, is still considered one of their most successful operating systems ever!

Around that time, gaming was on the path to becoming something really big in the hobbyist PC community, and PC component manufacturers developed gaming-specific and marketed parts as well.

What's always something that fascinated PC and tech enthusiasts is just how un-noticeably technology gradually gets better over time. In 1998, state-of-the-art gaming PC specs were really something to brag about. Nowadays, your smartwatch has a better CPU, GPU, and even has more RAM than something that cost a hell of a lot of cash to buy only 20 years ago!

Youtuber, Tech Tangents, got hold of brand new, unused gaming PC parts from 1998, and built an entire vintage PC, installed Windows 98 on took us on a trip back to when these PC's were common place!

Take a look at this incredible 20th-anniversary gaming PC builds with Microsoft Windows 98 by the YouTube Channel, Tech Tangents.

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