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A company by the name of Cohda develops new technologies and design methods and their latest invention called P-Tap or Power Tap allows devices to gain electricity through a very special kind of glass that ultimately can change everything as we know it...And with that said, we may add that it is exceptionally cool!

"P-Tap® is a transparent lamination of conductive and non-conductive glass. The arrangement allows power or data to be transferred across individual layers within the lamination. Pre-machined apertures create taps to the positive and negative charged inner coatings that supply power delivery to embedded devices. These connected devices appear to be freely floating within an optically clear glass panel with no visible means of power connection.

Removing the need for wires offers designers, architects and engineers limitless design opportunities to locate powered devices within transparent structures. Devices such as USB sockets, induction charging pads, motors, cameras, sensors and digital displays can all be seamlessly integrated."

Source - https://www.cohda.com/projects/power-tap/

Take a look t the video below by the YouTube channel: Later Clips on Reacting To Electric Glass...

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