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Chariot Skates is the brand name for the revolutionary new skating product called Wheel-skates, that crosses the boundaries of skiing and cycling.

This video includes doing some crossover-turns; skating uphill; on rough ground and skiing down grass slopes. These are definitely not your ordinary inline skates, instead of having wheels right beneath your feet, Chariot Skates place them on outer sides of your feet. With such leg support, it eliminates strains on the ankles.

Chariot Skates also allow you to skate over rougher terrain or ski down grassy slopes and commute like a bicycle, but free of a seat and handlebars. The rider's feet are suspended below the main wheel's axle which provides a lower centre of gravity. The carbon fibre constructed skates appear to be a more practical mode of transportation due to the relatively large wheels which should provide greater speeds, inertia and less pushing.

Have a look at the video below, to see the Chariot Skates in action. 

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