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Smartphone maker, Xiaomi, is changing the way we will forever think about what is possible with smartphone cameras with their new liquid lens technology.

The smartphone camera has become a feature most people can't live without, and see tremendous value in having a good camera in their pocket at all times.

In recent years, most leading smartphone makers have collaborated with camera manufacturers such as Zeiss, Leica and even Hasselblad, to help develop and further improve camera technology and capabilities in smartphones.

But, the norm now is to have one smartphone with three or four lenses at the back to cater for a wider range of focal lengths. Even though this has drastically improved the camera capabilities, it has further increased the smartphone's cost.

Xiaomi has tried to combat this issue by bringing back smartphone cameras with just one lens, but improve on the level of detail and versatility that current smartphones offer. How Xiaomi is doing this is with the help of what they call a liquid lens. This smartphone camera lens can quite literally shape-shift to change the same lens into one that offers both a short and long focal length. So, no longer do lens elements need to be static, they are now going to be dynamic depending on what focal length the user chooses.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Sparrows News, on Mi MIX Introducing Liquid Lens.

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