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Astronomy is without a doubt a fascinating and rewarding hobby catered for those who are curious about what lies beyond. But, to get fantastic results, you don't necessarily have to book out an entire observatory. You can simply start off with a basic telescope.

However, like many other hobbies, astronomy accessories and tools can get rather pricy very quickly. When you start moving from entry-level to the more ambitious enthusiast's level, your equipment will become a lot more advanced. Some pros invest in automated telescopes, which, in itself, is very difficult to assemble, calibrate and use! So, taking it out of the garage each and every time you want to use it may prove to be quite a frustration.

A company called SkyShed has come up with a solution... they manufacture and sell mini backyard observatories!

The SkyShed XL5 backyard observatory has a fully opening and closing and rotating roof. It's weather-sealed, so you can permanently fix your telescope within so you don't have to set it up each and every time!

The dome also serves as a large light shield to prevent any unwanted light spillage, and it shields you from the wind. Furthermore, there is a dedicated space to fit a PC or laptop on the built-in desk, plus a dedicated space for a mini air conditioner, fan or small bar bridge as well. 

Check out the video below by the YouTube channel Astro Backyard, titled I Built An Observatory In My Backyard!

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