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A San Francisco-based tech company, Leap Motion, have announced a new update in their markerless hand-tracking technology, with a demonstrative demo.

In the demo, which can be viewed below, shows that this version allows users to explore the inside of a cat with their hands.

The fourth generation of its Orion VR tracking software builds on it previous software, allowing anyone with an Oculus or Vive VR system to better navigate the virtual world. The company announced on a blog post, on their website, that the improvements include "better finger dexterity" smoother "hand and finger tracking" and "faster and more consistent hand initialization'.

The interactive program demonstrates these improvements, which allows the user to explore the inner workings of an animated cat, coordinated motion with the user's actual hand.

The cat's skin, muscles, organs, vascular system and skeleton are all exposed as the hand runs through the animal's body. Some of the other demos include painting and playing with particles, which can be seen on Leap Motion's YouTube channel.


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