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South African bank, First National Bank (FNB), has decided to jump on the bandwagon with contactless payments, which might be the next big marketing push for local banks.

While FNB hasn't announced support for Samsung Pay just yet, the bank revealed that its customers can now make use of Fitbit Pay as well as Garmin Pay.

Much like other-device-based payment methods, Fitbit Pay and Garmin Pay allows you to load up your card details (in this case a VISA enabled FNB Banking Card) and then simply tap your wearable at a point of sale to pay.

"This latest offering complements a number of our digital solutions that enable customers to conveniently make payments without the need for carrying a physical card or cash. It further aligns to our ongoing strategy to migrate customers to digital channels where we continuously provide them with innovative and customer-centric solutions that meet a diverse range of needs," head of digital payments at FNB, Jason Viljoen said in a media statement.

In terms of security, FNB states that there are multiple layers of security including encryption and tokenisation. The firm adds that should your wearable leave your wrist, it will require you to enter a password before contactless payments can be made again.

"The device stays authenticated for 24 hours or until you take it off your wrist. In addition, the point of sale device will also prompt you to enter your card PIN for certain transactions. Both your card PIN and device passcode should never be shared with anyone," Viljoen adds.

In order for you to make use of this new feature from FNB, you will need to be an FNB/RMB Private Bank cardholder and – rather obviously – own a Fitbit or a Garmin wearable that supports the payment application.

Additionally, upon linking your FNB card with Fitbit Pay or Garmin Pay, you will be sent an OTP to confirm the linking of the device.

There’s no word on support for Samsung Pay yet but while you wait you can now grab a coffee or juice at the gym without having to reach for your wallet.

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