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Sick of all those cables? Take a look at how to make the cleanest desk setup with zero visible cables.

Cable management is always what everyone is after when they're setting up their new work desks and spaces. But, usually, after a while, it all turns into one big mess and, aside from looking like a complete shambles, you always forget what cable is for which device in that bundle of cable spaghetti!

But there is a nifty solution to all your cable management problems for your PC desk and workspace. That is to either buy or build your own innovative PC desk that has cable management in mind at the time of its development.

YouTube channel, Linus Tech Tips, shows us step-by-step on how to make the perfect PC desk for cable management. In includes built-in USB ports, a fully flexible, adjustable and minimalistic monitor stand as well as a built-in wireless charging pad to charge your mobile devices without any cables needed as you're working! Furthermore, if you are interested in making this desk yourself, they have included the designs for you, free of charge, as well.

Take a look at the video below on how to make the cleanest desk setup with zero visible cables.

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