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What happens if you plug 100 Apple chargers into an iPhone at the same time, do you get an instant charge?

Tech based YouTuber by the channel name, TechRax, filmed an experiment whereby he would get 100 Apple iPhone chargers, then cut the charger connectors off and solder all the cables together. He then joined them all into one output to see if that would charge up an iPhone faster than a single charger cable, or at least make a difference in charge time.

He then had two iPhone 6S's which had a similar battery efficiency ratings, and then used them until each iPhone was completely flat and turned off as a result.

One iPhone was plugged into a single charger cable and then, simultaneously, the other iPhone was connected to the soldered 100 charger cables. Almost instantly the iPhone connected to the 100 chargers started up and increased in battery power. Throughout the charging time on both phones, the 100 cables seemed to stay ahead, but not by much at all.

The result was that the 100 cable chargers finished charging the iPhone only minutes before the single charger, so it's definitely not worth investing in 100 chargers. It's still fun to watch to see if it all blows up first!

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, TechRax, on What Happens If You Plug 100 Chargers In An iPhone? Instant Charge?

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