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Take a look at these 15 insane LEGO creations that will absolutely blow your mind!

LEGO has been a fascinating creative toy that has been around for generations already. It's largely thanks to the simplicity of LEGO that makes it so appealing, all that's required for an unbelievable custom creation is your imagination.

Here are 15 incredible LEGO build and creations that will blow your mind:

  1. GBC Model: GBC is short for Great Ball Contraption, and these builds are highly detailed and technical. In this particular creation, it is so satisfying to see the strain wave gearing in motion – it's mesmerising!

  2. Paper Plan Folder: This LEGO model will take in a sheet of paper, similar to how a printer would, and then fold out a paper plane. And, if that's not enough, it will also shoot it off into flight.

  3. Custom LEGO Brick Sorter: Sorting through your LEGO is a painful task, so why not build a LEGO brick sorter for yourself?

  4. Working Microscope: This concept was submitted to LEGO Ideas but, unfortunately, it didn't get the 10,000 votes required from the public to bring it into production. But, a working and fully functional microscope made completely out of LEGO is really cool!

  5. Full-Size Drivable Cars: Three years ago, a full-size Bugatti Chiron was made entirely out of LEGO. Then, after that, a brilliant model of a McLaren Senna was made too, which consisted of over 400,000 LEGO bricks.

  6. Life-Size LEGO Claw Machine: What makes this model special is the fact that it was made without any glue or reinforcements at all, the builder could just disassemble it whenever he pleases.

  7. Infinite Bike Rider: This cute model is made possible with the help of LEGO gears, and portrays a character riding on a bicycle indefinitely... or at least until the batteries run out.

  8. Robot Puzzle Solver: This interesting LEGO puzzle solver will complete a Soduko puzzle all on its own.

  9. First-Ever Full-Size LEGO Car: Way before the Bugatti and McLaren, the first full-size LEGO car was powered by air compression.

  10. LEGO Mining Machine: This one is rather odd. Based on the mechanical principles of real-life mining drills, this LEGO creation will burrow itself in a pit of LEGO bricks until it reaches the bottom.

  11. Straw Cleaner Bender: Straw cleaners are popular amongst people who like arts and crafts. But, getting that perfect bend for your creation is sometimes a difficult task, so this LEGO straw cleaner will get you that perfect shape you're looking for.

  12. LEGO Digital Clock: This build is may seem awfully complicated and over-engineered, but the fact that it is made 100% out of LEGO components makes it so cool!

  13. LEGO Brick Sorter Number 2: Similar to the previous sorter, this one is able to sort through many more types and colours of bricks too, plus it has the ability to know whether or not more LEGO bricks are still in the waiting queue.

  14. LEGO Guitar Player: This little LEGO robot can be attached to a guitar and be programmed to strum and even hold down on the frets.

  15. LEGO Rubiks Cube Solver: If you can't solve a Rubiks Cube yourself, no worries as you can simply pop a few LEGO bricks together and have it solve it for you! ... Well, you will need to do some heavy programming first though!

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel: SpitBrix on 15 LEGO Creations That Will Blow Your Mind!

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