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Here is how Adobe became a software empire in a few short years.

Adobe is a software company that has changed the way computers are used, both for commercial and personal uses.

Charles Geschke and John Warnock started a new software company in 1982, which they named after a creek that ran behind John's house called Adobe.

John and Charles developed a new computer printing technology called post script that produced pin-sharp imagery in comparison to the dot-matrix system that was the standard at the time. Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs, took interest in the post script technology and offered to buy it. But, unfortunately for Jobs, both Charles and John declined this offer. Steve Jobs, however, bought shares in Adobe which rendered the new company the first in Silicone Valley history to become profitable in its first year.

Adobe shifted its focus to software development and released a design program called Adobe Illustrator. This revolutionised and digitised the entire graphic design industry and was a huge success.

In February of 1990, a software engineer called Thomas Knoll developed a picture editing program which he called Photoshop. Soon after, Adobe bought over the software and Photoshop would soon thereafter become Adobe's most popular program ever.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Cold Fusion, on Adobe Inc. From Garage Startup To An Empire.

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