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Meet the worlds most advanced camera stabiliser, the Arri Trinity.

Arri is a camera and camera accessory manufacturer, and is known for making one of the top cinema camera's on the market today.

Most camera gimbals have been around for less than 10 years, and have completely revolutionised the way we think about film making and the possibility of shots that otherwise could have otherwise taken a lot of time on set to set up. Traditional camera stabiliser systems used a balancing system rather than electronic methods, which took up way too much time on set, whereas a gimbal camera stabiliser allows you to be ready to shoot in less than five minutes.


There was one issue though, as efficient and convenient as 3-axis electronic gimbals were, they had a flaw, and that was not being able to correct the up and down motion caused from walking and or running, whereas the older mechanical SteadyCam stabilisers could. Arri recognised this problem and developed a gimbal camera stabiliser that offers not only 3-axis correction, but 5! This is the Arri Trinity.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, ProjectJet, on the new Arri Trinity.

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