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The former mobile phone giant, BlackBerry, announced yet another comeback for 2021.

The history of the business phone brand BlackBerry is, without a doubt, a dark one. The company rose to its success in the mid 2000s as it offered its consumers the best device at the time for people who saw value in a phone that offered emails, Facebook and a full Qwerty keyboard. No other mobile phone brand at the time was as innovative as the Canadian business-phone manufacturer.

Well, that is until Steve Jobs announced the iPhone. It wasn't Apple's new phone that destroyed Blackberry per se, but rather the approach that BlackBerry had towards it. They didn't see it as a potential threat at all and couldn't see why people would want a phone without a keyboard.

It was that approach that ultimately forced BlackBerry to shut its doors a few years later. BlackBerry, however, made a "huge" comeback in 2015 with the introduction of the first BlackBerry that ran on Android. Unfortunately, other smartphones around at the time, like Samsung and Apple's iPhone, were years ahead in terms of specification and value for money in comparison and, again, shut their doors for good.

Recently, an announcement by a company called Foxconn Technology Group revealed that it would resurrect the doomed BlackBerry name and bring out a new range of smartphones in the first half of 2021.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, CNET, on BlackBerry Returns: This Is How It Died Twice.

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