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In such a competitive market, can you actually trust tech reviewers?

If you're doing your research on which piece of tech to invest in next, whether its a new phone, computer part or even a set of noise-cancelling headphones, most people start by watching reviews on YouTube. But can we actually trust them?

A good point was brought up in a Tweet directed to one of the biggest tech review YouTube channels, Marques Brownlee.

The Tweet stated that, if a reviewer mentioned something positive, how much did the manufacturer pay? And, if something negative was said, then how much did their competitors pay? As bizarre as this may sound, there are elements of truth here.

Back in the day when YouTube content was still in its infancy, tech-based review channels were very few and didn't have the attraction they do today. Furthermore, no one was stopping them from blatantly creating content that was paid for by a tech manufacturer.

Today, however, things have drastically changed. Many more people consume their content online and, specifically, YouTube. There have also been laws implemented to protect consumers against fake reviews in certain countries, like in the United States with the Federal Trade Commission.

Take a look at this in-depth discussion about trusting tech reviewers on YouTube in the video below by Marques Brownlee.

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