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If you require some assistance in the kitchen, the garage or even in your home office, the Echo Show 10 is the way to go!

The Echo Show 10 by Amazon is an HD smart device that is designed to be the ultimate home assistant.

Much like the Amazon Alexa, the Echo Show 10 features that familiar voice as well, but includes a stunning 10.1" HD touch-sensitive display that swivels 360 degrees – and will always have the screen facing you.

Like a standard tablet, the Amazon Echo Show 10 also features a variety of apps such as Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Amazon Photos and too much more to mention. Probably the most useful aspect is having a visual display on an Alexa device.

For example, you can now ask Alexa to find you a recipe with the ingredients you have in your fridge. She will find it in a matter of seconds and give you detailed instructions on what to do next, without you ever needing to touch the screen regardless of where you move to. If you need additional ingredients for your dish, Alexa will automatically add them to your shopping list, and even go as far as ordering them for you if you wish.

If you're up and about doing stuff around the house and want to video call a friend, just ask Alexa to connect you, and you can enjoy a great conversation without ever having to hold the device.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, iJustine, on the Echo Show 10 Unboxing - My New Favorite Alexa Device!

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