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After the huge success of Clubhouse and TikTok over recent years, it is absolutely clear that Facebook wants a piece of the pie. Facebook essentially copied TikTok's format, and embedded it into Instagram with Reels. Now, they have done it yet again by taking the idea of Clubhouse, a popular live rooms mobile app, and included a new live audio rooms feature in Facebook, currently available only in the United States.

Right above the Stories tab in Facebook, you will now be presented with a  whole new panel called Audio & Video Rooms. This will allow content creators to live stream their RSS feed or exclusively broadcast podcasts or videos in a room chat.

Viewers can join in at any time during the live session and ,of course, comment and interact as they please.

Although this idea is nothing new, Facebook has never been considered a platform to stream podcasts or content. This has been reserved for apps such as Apple Podcasts, YouTube and Spotify etc.

Could Facebook become the sole hub for all forms of social media once again?

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, Later Clips, on Facebook Launches "Audio"...

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