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This is how SpaceX technology humiliates NASA's space exploration budget.

Space exploration and investments have always been viewed in one of two ways. The first being innovative discoveries and pushing the human race forward, and the other are concerns over unnecessary spending over things that matter here on Earth.

But NASA took a completely different approach when they introduced partially reusable spacecraft with the Space Shuttle. But, as innovative it was for the time, it was still excessively expensive and uneconomical.

All this opened up a huge window for private space programs, such as SpaceX, to take advantage of new, innovative and far more cost-effective ways to launch spacecraft.

SpaceX's main ambition was to create a fully reusable spacecraft, from the craft itself to the booster rockets. The results in cost-saving are astronomical, so to speak. In comparison, the Space Shuttle program, which totalled 134 launches, cost NASA $215 Billion ($1.6 Billion per launch), while SpaceX's Crew Dragon launch cost just $209 Million per launch. So for every Space Shuttle launch, SpaceX could launch 10 Crew Dragons for the same cost.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Logically Answered, on How SpaceX Humiliates NASA's Budget.

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