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It's all good and well trying to save up enough cash so that one day you will be able to afford a brand new next-gen gaming console such as the Sony Playstation 5 or even the Xbox Series X or Series S, but what in the meantime what can you do?

Surprisingly, however, not many people started off with the Sony Playstation 1 and consistently bought each and every variant after that until they reached the Playstation 5, some folks still have the noble Sony Playstation 2lying around at home just gathering dust. But there is a rather technical problem that awaits for those who wish to fire up their old Sony Playstation 2's yet again for one more round of those classing and nostalgic games, and that is trying to physically connect up the Playstation to a modern HDMI based TV set as the Playstation was made purposefully for the RCA connector types, but fortunately, however, there are ways and means of making this system work still.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: PAB Games on How To Play A Sony Playstation 2 On A Modern TV - Pound HD Link Cable...

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