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It might seem like a typo, but there are Navy SEAL Astronauts, and Destin from Smarter Every Day got to interview some of them.

YouTuber, Destin Sandlin, runs a channel called Smarter Every Day. You may remember him from his videos on submarines that we've featured before.

Today, though, instead of the depths of the ocean, Destin aims to the sky. His mission: to share with us his interviews with members of an elite group of people, the Navy SEAL Astronauts.

In the video below, Destin visits the Navy SEAL UDT Museum in Ft. Pierce Florida and showcases some of the fascinating memorabilia he finds there. 

Then, he turns his attention to two incredible men. First up is Chris Cassidy, who is a Captain in the US Navy and a NASA astronaut. He's seen action on numerous times in the Mediterranean and Afghanistan and, is 2004, joined NASA. He gives us the lowdown on what it takes to be a Navy SEAL, and what it was like doing spacewalks on the International Space Station (ISS).

Then, Destin has a chat with Astronaut Dr Johnny Kim. Kim is a veteran Navy SEAL, will more than 100 missions under his belt, who has earned his degree in mathematics and a doctorate of medicine.

These two incredible men have a frank and open discussion with Destin, and it's fascinating to see how humble they both are considering their achievements.

After the initial interview with Cassidy, the astronaut was sent to the ISS. He is currently the only member on the US side of the International Space Station. He found some time to answer another round of questions submitted to him from Smarter Every Day.

This is yet another terrific and informative video by Destin. Watching his videos truly will make you Smarter Every Day.

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