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Introducing the Wave, Freefly's new high speed camera.

The drone specialist and manufacturing company, Freefly Systems, have developed their very own cinematic high speed camera, and the specs are incredible – especially at its price.

The compact design of the Wave camera and its feather-light weight of just 700g, makes the Wave a perfect solution to highspeed camera rigs and drones.

The Freefly Wave camera features:

  • Super 35 Sensor
  • E Mount
  • 4K at 240 FPS
  • 2K at 1440 FPS
  • 2 TB of Storage
  • Global Shutter
  • 35 minutes of clip length recording
  • Sensor: ams CMV12000
  • Active Area: 22.53mm x 16.90mm (4:3)
  • Native Resolution: 4096 x 3072 
  • Pixel Size: 5.5μm x 5.5μm
  • Image Processor: Xilinx Zynq Ultrascale+ SoC (Trenz Electronic TE0803)
  • Recorder: Internal NVMe SSD 
  • Native ISO: 250
  • 10-bit Compressed Bayer RAW, ~5:1 compression

In terms of audio control and capture, the Freefly Wave has no internal microphone, or any audio inputs for that matter, which is one of the reasons why they were able to make such a compact design. All your audio will have to be captured externally, which makes sense on a camera designed for high speed filming.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Freefly Systems, on 
Introducing The New Freefly Wave - High Speed Camera.

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