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Check out this additional umbilical launch tower for the LEGO Saturn V rocket.

Lego released their Saturn V rocket set a few years ago, which has now officially been retired. But, for some few lucky owners, there is now an additional kit available to complete the setup with the NASA Saturn V umbilical launch pad and tower.

This additional umbilical launch tower was designed by LEGO hobbyist and designer, Valerie Roche, who created the entire tower. It received 10,000 votes on LEGO Ideas, which means LEGO will review your design and consider putting it into production. However, regardless of the interest in the additional NASA Saturn V kit, LEGO hasn't put it into production. Unfortunately, they don't believe that it would sell due to it being a 2,000 piece kit that requires the 2,000 piece rocket to be owned already.

So the plans were put up online for free by the designers, and third party knock-off LEGO makers distributed these umbilical launch tower kits which definitely sold well. However, the buyers complained about several mistakes in the design and the build quality of the kit.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Scott Manley, on The Launch Umbilical Tower Model For The LEGO Saturn V Rocket Kit.

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