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Is this the official price for the brand new and highly anticipated Sony PlayStation 5?

Since the success of the Sony PlayStation 1 way back in late 1994, gamers couldn't get enough of the brand new console that quickly climbed the ladder, overtaking its competitors at the time to become the best gaming console of its era. Sony then launched the PlayStation 2 which, again, did the exact same thing for the industry. Around the same time as the PlayStation 3 launch, Xbox upped their game with the Xbox 360, and held its position for quite some time until the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 were launched, again, very competitive consols.

What the PlayStation 5 is expected to do for the market is go back to its routes and dominate the gaming console market as it did with the Sony PlayStation 1 and Playstation 2, but its hard to tell until we get official specs both from the PlayStation 5 as well as the new Xbox Series X.

Sony has officially confirmed it is taking orders for the PlayStation 5, but no confirmed price has been revealed for those orders yet. A post by Play N Trade Vancouver Island stated that it will be charging $559 Canadian for the new Sony PlayStation 5 which is around $400 US based on the current exchange rate. There have a few posts surfacing the net stating they will be charging between $400 and $420 USD for orders for the new PlayStation 5.

Be sure to check out the video below by UFD Tech on the pricing and orders of the new Sony PlayStation 5.

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