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Samsung quietly released a bigger and more exclusive version of the Fold 2, which they call the Galaxy W21 5G.

Samsung has a high-end Galaxy lineup of smartphones, exclusively for the Chinese market, which they call the Samsung W series.

With the global launch of the ultimate foldable phone by Samsung, the Galaxy Fold 2 5G, which was released only two months ago, Samsung has brought out a more exclusive version for the Chinese W lineup, called the Samsung Galaxy W21.

The W21 sports very similar features to the Galaxy Fold 2 but has a bigger screen, a bigger and longer battery life, bigger internal storage space, dual sim card support as well as an improved seven layer nano level optical film attached to the massive display for extra protection.

The Samsung Galaxy W21 has an additional $300 dollars on the price tag over the regular Galaxy Fold 2, which makes the total price $3,000, which is now the most expensive price tag to a factory-produced smartphone ever.

Take a look at the video below by YouTUbe channel, Phone Tech, on the Samsung Galaxy W21 5G With 12GB RAM And 4500mAh Battery.

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