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Music and podcast subscription service Spotify has released a brand new product called Spotify Car Thing, and yes, that is its official name!

Spotify Car Thing is designed to eliminate the hassle of using your smartphone as your primary music player in your car. You might be wondering why would you ever use this or even benefit from the Spotify Car Thing if your car already has a built-in infotainment system, and you'd be right. Spotify Car Thing is designed to suit those who drive a car that offers nothing more than a radio, CD player and perhaps BlueTooth connectivity.

The Spotify Car Thing offers a touchscreen display and a very simple user interface that allows you to sign in to your Spotify account and then stream your entertainment content on the road.

Spotify designed the Car Thing to be as universal as possible so it will be able to easily and securely work on most car makes and models. In the box you'll find a variety of clips and brackets that you can use to mount the Car Thing practically wherever you want on the dash of your car, furthermore, there is a USB power adapter included and a few bits of hardware that give you the ability to connect depending on what configuration works best for you, whether it is via Bluetooth or USB inputs.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Joshua Chang on Spotify Car Thing: I Got One!

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