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Spotify HiFi is a new HQ version of the streaming service at a higher price. But, is it worth the upgrade?

Spotify is without a doubt one of the biggest and most popular music streaming services out there. It's also the most versatile in terms of payment options, which range from free with ads right through to a premium membership. The latter allows you full access to the latest music from your favourite artists and tens of thousands of popular podcasts as well.

But, Spotify has now released a new paid service option called Spotify HiFi.

Spotify HiFi is a service that allows the user to stream far higher bitrate audio samples of the same music and podcasts as the other memberships offer.

Better quality audio is always attractive, but just how much better is it? Well, first of all, the standard streaming quality of Spotify depends on your internet connection and available space on your device if streaming, and ranges between 128 kbps to 256 kbps. Spotify HiFi, on the other hand, offers audio samples at 1,411 kbps.

Is Spotify HiFi worth it? Well, as the name suggests, if you have a good quality HiFi, Headphones or car stereo then you'll most definitely benefit from Spotify HiFi. But, if you do most of your streaming using your phone's headphones then you'll be wasting your money.

There's actually a test you can do, so take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Later Clips, on Spotify HiFi Can You Hear The Difference?

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