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Perranporth Beach, in Cornwall, United Kingdom, has been aptly nicknamed "LEGO beach" and for good reason.

If you were to take a lovely stroll on Perranporth beach in Cornwall, UK, you might have your focus drawn from the sounds of the crashing waves. In fact, you might just start imagining creative LEGO builds where you'd never expect to do so.

In 1997, a container ship was making its way from Tokyo to New York when it had a few of its containers knocked off into the open sea, just off the shore of the Cornwall coastline. One of the containers was carrying over 5,000,000 brand new LEGO bricks and, for over two decades, LEGO bricks of all shapes, sizes and colours have been washing up on shore ever since!

As much as we love LEGO, this is quite a tragic site. Scientists conducted an experiment, inspired by this event, to find out how long it would take for an average brick of LEGO to degrade. The findings showed that it would take over 1,300 years!

Luckily, LEGO are in the process of taking the company green. They hope to have all of their packaging sustainable by 2025, with the actual products to be green by 2030. If you were to visit Perranporth Beach in Cornwall, be sure to play your part, collect and dispose of a bag full of LEGO.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, Tom Scott, on The Beach Where LEGO Keeps Washing Up.

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