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Take a look at the world's first free-to-use smartphone.

As smartphones increase in price each and every year, it's getting to a point where your average smartphone is far too expensive for its target market – especially with the amount of data consumed by the average user each month.

A new company by the name of Volk Fi might have the solution. Their new system looks incredibly good on paper, but will it actually take off?

The whole concept is that their internet service works completely differently to that of a regular cell-based network. Basically, in a specific city, there would be only one major internet hub that supplies close-range internet, and calls for nearby smartphones. Each smartphone has a transmitter, which then carries out the signal to further distances. So, the more smartphones are making use of this system, the stronger the system then becomes. And, on top of this, the network is completely free to use.

The only problem they're facing is convincing new customers to join an unproven and unknown service provider.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, Mr Who's The Boss, on the World's First Free To Use Smartphone?

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