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The GS2 is a hardware mod that fits the Playstation 2 (PS2) into a crisp blue shell, ready for the palm of your hands!

Even though Sony has launched two portable systems, you still cannot play a vast majority of PS 2 titles on the go. That is where the GS2 comes in. The 3D-printed device is fully capable of playing PS2 games on its big, bright 5-inch screen for 3-4 hours before needing a recharge! From a design standpoint, the mod features an original PlayStation 2 motherboard, and the Disc Drive was replaced with custom-built components so that everything can fit into the portable device.

The mod uses FreeMCBoot, which exploits a PlayStation 2 memory card to load homebrew software. This allows the man behind the GS2 design to load full games to the handheld's internal memory, where they can be played like any other PS2 game, except these games can be taken with you, wherever you go!

As for the various buttons and other pieces, many controllers have been plundered in this pocket-sized device's service. The genius behind this invention is Gman, and he said it took him about five months to design and build the GS2, which you can see in the video below.

Sadly at the moment, the GS2 is one of a kind and you can't buy it online!

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