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Most of the virtual reality developments focus mainly on entertainment, such as gaming and immersive video, which should come as no surprise. But making music has also been getting some attention thanks to the Lyra VR and SoundStage projects. AliveIn has also created a new app that is designed to bring Albeton's Live sequencer and digital audio workstation software to life...

Before users can lose themselves in the virtual Ableton Live interface, they'll have to gather quite a pricey music production toolkit. This will need to include a Windows computer or laptop with a VR-capable graphics card and running their own copy of Ableton Live, and an HTC Vive headset with two motion controllers. So you could be looking at spending a couple of grand before you get to immerse yourself in the mix.

The colourful interface which is available in two options: day or night themes and can be triggered by music sequences. In the app, you get to play instruments and control the mix, with the blocks pulsating in time with the music. The app also allows users to record the action and share the video with friends and fans through social media.

The AliveInVR app is available on Steam for $11.69 until end August and then it will be $12.99 thereafter. Have a look the trailer below to get an idea of what AliveInVR has to offer. (it is mind-blowing) 

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