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Under Lenovo, Motorola has still been producing quality phones and standouts like last year’s Moto Z Play. The Z2 Force is coming to every major US carrier this month and Motorola has made it faster and added a dual-lens camera, but the battery has been shrunken down just for the sake of thinness and, in all likelihood, with the goal of selling more Motorola smartphones.

Like the original Moto Z Force, the big selling point of this phone is that it’s got a shatterproof display. Motorola promises that the 5.5-inch Quad HD AMOLED screen won’t crack or break from the everyday drops that spell certain doom for other smartphones. The secret to all this is that the display is, well, plastic. Motorola guarantees the screen against shatters for four years, and although the screen does not break, a pool or your toilet can still kill the phone. The Moto Z2 Force also lacks a headphone jack and the smartphone is going for $720 which is a lot of money for just a shatterproof display? if you really need a screen that won’t break, just buy a good case to counter your clumsiness. Have a look at the video, done by The Verge, to find out more about the Motorola Moto Z2 Force!

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