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The latest trailer for the upcoming game Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is here. The trailer features some of the characters you will be playing as in-game and is as colourful and zany as ever. The first character is Mario; everyone's favourite plumber and features all his weapons and explosive finishes that look perfect for his personality. He has even got a hammer and a hand cannon to cause some pretty explosive damage. Watch Mario as he stomps on his enemies, jumps from platform to platform, and utilizes some of the moves we’re familiar with from his own solo games. 

At the end of the trailer, Mario stands triumphantly, proud of the havoc he’s caused. He’s successfully convinced us that a Rabbids game with characters from the Mario universe is going to be fun. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is slated for release on the Nintendo Switch on August 29, so get excited and watch the trailer that features in-game footage below.

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