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If you are one of those people that carry around too many cards; membership cards, gift cards or credit cards, the Fuze Card is just for you. The latest design called Fuze Card will put your whole wallet on a single card. Despite the fact that money is the easiest way to pay, people just do not carry it around anymore.  

It is a gadget that lets you store 30 different cards, including your standard debit card and credit card as well as your ID; basically, if the card has a swipeable magnetic strip you can store it on the Fuze Card. The card lasts for 30 days on a single charge, comes with a power bank for longer trips and there are enough security features built in that will make you sleep easy at night if the card ever gets stolen. 

The Fuze Card is registered via an app that allows for location tracking and remote wiping if the card is lost. You can use the Fuze Card anywhere traditional plastic cards are accepted, learn more about the Fuze Card with the video below. 

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