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Internet piracy exploded in popularity in the late 2000s, then seemed to die off thanks to streaming alternatives. But now is back, at an all-time high, yet again.

Internet piracy spiked in popularity towards the late 2000s, with many people not wanting to pay good money to own the latest DVD and music album. Many would rather invest in a decent internet connection and have access to pretty much anything they wanted for free.

Nowadays, TV cable subscription is at an all-time low, largely thanks to streaming services such as Netflix offering a huge catalogue of films and series's for a small fee per month. And, as for music, services like Apple Music and Spotify are incredibly convenient, so much so in fact that people see more value in paying for these services than to obtain them illegally.

However, content creators such as record labels and film studios don't see why they should give a percentage of their profits to services such as Netflix or Spotify. They rather see value in creating their own subscription services.

Now, if you want to watch a popular series, you might have to subscribe to another streaming service such as Amazon Prime for The Grand Tour and, if you're a Star Wars nut, then you'll have to subscribe to Disney Plus.

Before you know it, you'll end up spending a fortune on entertainment every month.

This is exactly why internet piracy has spiked once again!

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Tech Quickie, on Why Internet Piracy Will Never Die.

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