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Aeroplanes are amongst some of the heaviest moving objects created by man and unlike standard road tyres, aeroplane tyres have to undergo tremendous amounts of stress.

Then why is it that tyre blowouts on planes are so uncommon? Plane tyres are purposely designed to be as robust and durable as possible and are made with a proprietary synthetic rubber compound that is reinforced with aluminium, steel as well as nylon and aramid fabrics. So the result is that you end up with a 45-inch tyre that is filled up with that of twice the amount of pressure of a regular truck tyre and not with air but rather with nitrogen as it is able to remain constant in different pressures and temperatures. Plane tyres are so strong that they are able to hold up to 38 metric tonne payload.

So you can be quite happy knowing that so much time and engineering has gone into the development of plane tyres the next time you fly.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Tech Insider on Why Plane Tyres Don't Explode On Landing

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