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Removable phone batteries were amazing back in the day, but now have seemed to have died out. Here is why they are never going to make a come back.

Back in the 2000s, right up to around 2015, if you ever experienced issues with your phone's battery, the solution was easy. You simply went to your local phone store, invested in a replacement battery and your phone would be running as good as new.

But that whole concept has completely disappeared and rendered as something in the past. But why is that?

Yes, as you probably guessed, its partially due to phone manufacturers wanting to maintain full control over what users are doing to their phones, and to prevent bad experiences with third party cheaper alternatives. But there is a lot more to it as well. One aspect is selling features such as waterproofing. If your phone has a removable backing so a user could remove their phone's battery, this would render the phone, well, un-waterproof.

Furthermore, in order for a phone to have a removable battery, the design of the phone will need to consist of more plastic components, which would render the phone more ergonomically "cheap" and, if they were to use metal components, the phones would be too heavy.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Techquickie, on Why Removable Phone batteries Are Never Coming Back.

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