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Here is the backward compatibility of the Xbox Series X and Series S vs the Sony PS5 consoles.

Both the Xbox Series X and Series S and Sony PS5 have been released with state of the art gaming tech specs, such as massive SSD hard drives, 4K resolution and supporting 120 frames per second gameplay!

But one question a lot of people have been asking is what sort of backward compatibility each console has. Simply put, how many previous generations' games are still playable on the new consoles? Well, it shows that Microsoft's Xbox Series X will take the cake on this as it supports games all the way back from the first Xbox!

And, not only are these games playable, the new Xbox Series X has been specially programmed to render the older games in HDR to give a higher contrast output and even upscaled resolution!

But what about the mighty Sony PS5? Well, unfortunately, the PS5 is only compatible with PS4 games and later, it will no longer support PS3 games, which is a pity for Sony fans who have invested in a lot of older games.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Tech Quickie, on Xbox Series X and Series S vs The Sony PS5 Backward Compatibility - What You Need To Know.

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