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YouTube has just updated their mobile app, and here are the new features.

YouTube has made some rather drastic measures to try to improve user experience for both consumers and the content creators as well.

The major one being the subscription service that was implemented a few years ago, which allows users to stream music and videos ad-free, as well as their release of the YouTube music app. Under the same subscription, this app allows users to stream music and even lock your device's screen, and now can be considered an alternative to Spotify and Apple Music.

However, YouTube's mobile app has been in desperate need of a major update, which it has now officially received. And some of those new features include:

1: Screen gestures: Previously, to switch between compact view and full screen, you could either turn your phone sideways or click on the expansions button, now you can swipe up to enter full screen or swipe down to exit.

2: Closed Captions: YouTube has added a quick access button for closed captions, which eliminates the need to go into the menu to access it.

3: AutoPlay: Autoplay is not a new YouTube feature at all, but they have integrated the button into the display screen now which you can access in full view.

4: Integrated hyperlink time stamps: YouTube content creators now have the option to integrate clickable time stamps into the description of their videos, so viewers can now click on the point in the video they want to watch from.

5: Bed Time Actions: A new feature has been added under the general app settings where you can set up a reminder, YouTube will let you know when its bed time so you don't stay up too late.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Jimmy Is Promo, on The YouTube App Just Updated - Everything New (November 2020)

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