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Check out these 20 incredible LEGO world records.

Since LEGO became popular in the 1950s, it has grabbed people's attention and interest around the world. We have seen some incredible creations and scale models of practically anything that can be made out of the simple LEGO brick.

And, as time went on, more intricate and advanced LEGO pieces came on the market, which would further allow more intricate builds. But, it is as they say, the only thing you need is your imagination...and a heck of a lot of lego bricks will also help!

Now, these exclusive custom builds are mammoth in size, consist of thousands of bricks and take up hundreds of hours to complete, with no user manual at all! The creative LEGO builders base their creations of pure intuition and imagination and, of course, LEGO building experience as well. This is how they are able to erect these large builds and have them remain sturdy, realistic and in some cases, movable as well.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, SpitBrix on 20 of the most incredible LEGO world records!

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