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Pool Live AR is an augmented reality tool, developed by Forge IT, that takes pool or billiards to a whole new level, without the need for a special cue, balls or tables.

Using only a projector and a camera, placed above the table, the system detects the cue, balls and tables boundaries and projects in real time stunning effects, score or helplines onto the table, benefiting both amateur or professional players, or even technology enthusiasts.

Using a short-throw projector and 3D depth camera system that tracks the player's aim and the cue stick's movement in real time, to help players make the best shot possible. Pool Live AR system creates an optimal path for the white ball to do its job of knocking other balls into the appropriate pocket.

It even accounts for how the table's cushions affect the trajectory with remarkable accuracy. According to Forge IT's website, Pool Live Aid is also capable of recording the moves you make on video, which can then be saved or shared onto social networks, and "the tool itself has an integrated social network where players can share a particular state of the table (each of the ball's positions) or load them. A solution for that table state can then be also shared and voted by the community for the best solution of that state."

Check out the video below to learn more about Pool Live AR.

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