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For the first time, Mario Kart Tour: Mario Kart, is coming to a mobile near you.

There's very little doubt that Mario Kart has been one of the best franchises for Nintendo and now, with the release of Mario Kart Tour, it'll be available for both Android and iOS smartphones.

Although Mario Kart has been available to Nintendo Switch owners for a while, other mobile devices were left out in the proverbial street. Soon, though, anyone with a smart device will be able to play while on the go, which is an exciting prospect for Nintendo, who is predicting a $1 billion turnover for the company.

The official announcement was made a while back, January 2018 to be precise, but, since then, more information was thin until the announcement that Nintendo had delayed the release from March 2019 until the northern hemispheres summer of 2019.

A beta release will be made available to Android users in the US and Japan and you can visit Nintendo’s official Mario Kart Tour site to register to be a tester. Be aware, though, that not everyone will receive an invitation to participate.

Details of the Mario Kart Tour gameplay on the smart devices are still unknown but we suspect it'll be a simplified version of that experienced on the Switch. It's all very exciting, especially for those with a long commute on public transport.

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