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Surely all of you, at one stage in your life, had some old school Walkman that you used to play your favourite Bowie tape or 'Yellow Submarine' song by The Beatles.

This Walkman, that you can view in the gallery above, is a little bit different compared to the Sony Walkman from 1979 though. Designed by PDF Haus, this Walkman features more futuristic buttons, a touchscreen, a solid state drive, and is about a tenth of the size. Compared to the minuscule and modern MP3 players of today, this smartphone-size remake is still a clunker.

It features a tactical backside for gripping and oversized buttons that are easily accessible by the thumb. While the large size of this reimagined Walkman might not be for everyone, who already carries a smartphone, it might be just the gadget for you if you are a vintage audiophile.

In the video below you get to see the history of the Walkman.

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