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A practical study has revealed that overuse of smartphones could have a direct negative impact on your teeth. This is caused by an increase in stress, anxiety and tension.

We are all aware that smartphones, amongst other devices and programs, can be very addictive. Users are always wanting to check out what the latest news is amongst their peers on social media, and if their phone alerts them with a new message or notification, they are almost compelled to check out what's happening. But, a new study has shown that, due to the increase in stress levels and anxiety, overuse of smartphones leads to users unknowingly grinding their teeth a whole lot more.

A study was conducted by Dr Pessia Friedman-Ruban and professor Ilana Eli from the Tel Aviv University in Israel. They experimented went like so: They tested 300 secular Jews (mostly smartphone users) who use a smartphone for a consistent period of time, and then 300 ultra-orthodox Israelis (those who can only use a phone without an internet connection) who seldom use their device.

The findings showed a significant increase in stress, anxiety and tension on those who use a smartphone more frequently and, as a result, a significant increase in the grinding of teeth and jaw pain.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Later Clips, on how Smartphones Might Be Bad For Your Teeth.

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