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Forget about Bluetooth speakers and headphones, AXY audio combines both into one kick-ass package.

Having to carry around Bluetooth speakers and headphones can get somewhat a bit difficult after a while. The AXY audio is an innovative device that combines both into one sleek package. Thanks to the modular design, users can quickly and easily switch from over-the-ear headphones to stereo desktop speakers, or just a mono portable speaker, in a blink of an eye. It's magic!

The device uses an integrated sensor to detect which mode you are in and adjusts the settings automatically. The AXY audio system is the conceptual design work of Tamás Túri and identifies an increased demand for enhanced product value amongst savvy consumers. As users become increasingly dissatisfied with products that only serve one purpose, we could see more items created that put a focus on making them relevant in a variety of different scenarios.

The system incorporates a wireless Bluetooth design that can be connected to one device or multiple at the same time.

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